The main hall measures 28′ X 36′ X 11′ (11,000 cubic ft.) and sports (4) ISO booths. It is treated with EQ Baffles, Hiemholz Resonators and QRD’s. The adjustable ambient RT-60 of the studio is centered at 1.5 seconds. The microphone collection boasts:

Bell: (2) CM-1B Tube Microphones (Sonically Comparable to Nuemann U-47, Elam 251, AKG C12a ect.)
Neumann: U87, (3) KM-84’s
Gefell: (2) UM-70’s
AKG: 414EB, (2) 451EB’s, 452EB, 460, D12, (2) D12e’s, D112
Sennheiser: (7) 421’s, (2) 441’s
Shure: KSM-32, (10) SM-57, 55SW
Bang & Olfsen: (2) 310 Ribbon’s
American: (2) DR332 Ribbon’s (2) D22
ADK: (2) A51s’s
Beyer: M300N(c)
RCA: 77DX Ribbon
Sony: (3) ECM-22P

The Main hall hosts a Yamaha G-3, 6 foot Grand Piano and a Hammond A-100 (B3 w/percussion in church cabinet). An M-3 w/222 Lowboy Leslie and Farfisa Dual and Porta8 also available in house for larger projects. Various percussion and Ludwig kit also in house.

We have facilities to run competitive multiple “Real-time” cassette and CD-R duplication (8x speeds) of up to several hundred, designed to meet clients immediate needs.

We also, have a lounge/kitchen area (work in progress) RV hook ups with additional off street parking. A large conference room with internet access and fax machine are also available.

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