Control Room “C” consists of an Akai MG1212 (12 track) Recorder/Mixer tied to Cubase VST (8 tracks Digital via Alesis AI-3) on a Mac 9500 for MIDI projects, demos and commercial jingle work.

A TL Audio Stereo Compressor/Mic-pre, LXP1, LXP5 w/MRC, Nakamichi MR-2 Cassette Deck and Sony A7 DAT fill out the room.

Monitors: Tannoy PBM6.5II’s, Auratone C5C’s, Amp: Crown D60

Keyboards included are as follows:
Roland: MC880, 800, D70, S550,
Juno 6,
Korg: T1, EX8000, DW8000, Poly 800, Poly 61M Lambda,
E-mu: Protus, Vintage Keys,
Akai: S900, Arp Odessey,
Yamaha: TX802, TX81z
Alesis: D4, Datadisk

The ancillary gear is as follows:
TL Audio Dual Mic-pre/Compressor
Digitech Studio Twin EFX.
Allen & Heath GL2S 22 input keyboard submix console.

The room measures 13′ X 10′ X 8′ and is setup primarily for MIDI Production work. The ISO booth attached to “C” measures 7′ X 9′ X 8′ and is large enough for a small kit as well as multiple vocal work and is acoustically treated with a cantered ceiling, bass trap and wall splays.

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