The “A” control room is centered around a Neve 5106 fitted 48 mono input w/dynamics and VR eq section, 12 stereo or a total of 72 inputs. The console features moving fader automation (Necam 96) for the 48 mono channels and the master section. Mounted onboard is the Phoenix all tube compressor designed by Thermonic Culture which is used primarily for mix buss compressing and vocal tracking.

Critical listening:

Dynaudioacoustics BM15’s Amp
Amp: Sumo Number Nine class A
Overhead monitors:
Amp: Yamaha P2200M

Van Den Hul Interconnect used in entire monitoring chain

Nearfield monitors:
Yamaha NS-10M’s
Amp: modified CrownDC300

The 2″ is the Saturn TS24, marketed by Soundcraft. This unit is comparable to the Studer a-820 or the Otari MTR-100 with remote metering and self-calibration memory. The two track is the Studer A8ORC, Nakamichi MR-1 cassette and Panasonic SV-3800 DAT. We also have a Digidesign Protools D24 system, 5.1.3, w/multiple farm cards, 888/24, 24bit ADAT Bridge, USD, and an addtional 16 channels of 24 bit Alesis I/O for 24 track recording, editing and mixing on a G4 Mac.

The ancillary gear stationed in the room is as follows:

Studer 301 Mic Pre
(2) Langevin AM-16 Mic Pre’s
Bellari RP220 Mic Pre’s
BBM Model1 Mic Pre’s
Symetrix SE 400 Dual Parametric
NightPro EQ3D
Urei 535 Equalizers
1176 Urei Blue Stripe
1176LN Urei Silver Face
1176LN Urei Black Face
(2) Orban 424A Dual Compressor
ADR Compex Dual compressor
Presonus ACP-8 eight channel compressor gate
BSS 402 Dual Compressor
(2) DBX 160s compressor
DBX 166 Dual Compressor
Aphex 612 Gate
TC Electronics M3000 Reverb
Eventide H3000s EFX
Sony MUR-201 True Stereo Reverb
Lexicon LXP 15 EFX with MRC version 4 remote control
Lexicon PCM-60 Reverb
Roland SRV-2000 Reverb
Roland SDE-1000 Delay
Korg SDD3300 Triple Delay
Eventide Instant Phaser
BBE 822 Sonic Maximizer

All rooms in our facility are hard tied and able to function in multiple roles.

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