Control Room “B” contains an MCI 636 loaded 36 mono with (11) vari-eq 4050, (25) standard 4030 eq’s with 4 wild faders and attached producers desk. The console is outfitted with P&G faders.


Yamaha NS-10M’s
Hafler M-5’s
Auratone CV5C’s.
Amp: Hafler Pro 2400
Alesis ADAT’s (24 track) are the recording medium with remote metering and BRC. Nakamichi MR-1 Cassette and Panasonic SV-3700 DAT. A soft-splice digital editing system is used in the B room. Alesis HD-24 XR and Masterlink are also available for this room.

The ancillary gear consists of:

TLAudio Dual Pre-amp Compressor
ART VLA tube Compressor
DBX 166 Dual Compressor
DBX 160XT Compressor
(2) DBX 160s Compressors
Omnicraft GT-4 Gate
Ashley SC66 Dual Parametric
TC Electronic M2000 Reverb
Yamaha SPX90
Sony MUR-201 True Stereo Reverb with remote
Lexicon MPX500 Reverb
Lexicon PCM 41

The control room is 16′ X 12′ X 11′ with cantered ceiling and wall treatments, wired for 24 track via ELCO connectors. The room also has a small sofa.

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